Riviera Holiday Club. Varna

Riviera Holiday Club is a former governmental residence, which offered holiday comfort to guests of the Bulgarian government until 1989. Nowadays, in addition to an elite tourist resort, the club is a center of conference events and prominent international congresses such as the Regional Forum "Cultural Corridors of South East Europe" held under the patronage of Bulgarian President and with the participation of presidents of the Balkan countries and the XIIIth Meeting of the Heads of State of Central Europe.

The club is situated at a distance of 17 km from the city of Varna (26 km from Varna airport), in the close proximity of the Golden Sands resort.
It is an area of 12 hectares, straight onto the shore with its own beaches in cosy bays and among a magnificent park of centuries-old trees.
The offered peace, tranquility and comfort, combined with the proximity of the entertainment facilities of the "Sea capital"- Varna, make the Riviera Holiday Club an attractive place for family holidays and business tourism.

How to get to the place?

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How to get a VISA?

Since 1 January 2007 the Republic of Bulgaria has been applying the European Union's Common Visa Policy, subject to the terms of the Accession Treaty. Currently Bulgaria issues national visas only. Those visas do not give their holders the right to enter the Schengen area.

More information about countries whose citizens, holders of ordinary passports, require or do not require visa to enter Bulgaria is available here.

Requirements when entering the country

A foreigner may enter the Republic of Bulgaria if he/ she is a holder of a regular foreign travel document or another equivalent document as well as a visa if required.

VISA Application

To apply for a VISA you will need to submit an Invitation Letter to the Embassy. You can receive Invitation Letter from the Conference Organizers that will confirm that you are a participant in the conference. To obtain an Invitation Letter you have to send a copy of your passport via e-mail to bgcartography@gmail.com. On the copy, your full name, date of birth, date of expiry and the passport number should be clearly visible.

You can receive an Invitation Letter once you have successfully completed your registration and paid your registration fee.

Keep in mind that you should apply for a VISA no later than 1 month prior to the conference, as it takes time for VISA issuing. You may also be invited to an interview.

More information about visa application is available here. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Bulgarian Embassy in your country.

In case of VISA refusal, the registration fee will be refunded to you. Bank charges will not be refunded.